About The Book

Saber Azam has created a fascinating character, Abraham, an ethic-bound humanitarian and human rights “James Bond.” His prime concern is the safety and well-being of innumerable needful people stricken by conflicts. He does not prostrate before the interest of states, governments, institutions, or personalities and hoists himself upright to defend the resistless. He is shouldered in his missions by his gorgeous love, Selina.

Abraham’s story takes the readers to the reality of humanitarian work in hazardous areas of the world. Simultaneously, in fulfilling his missions, he realizes the deep-rooted and devastating effects of slavery, colonialism, new colonialism, and offense on the environment that have left indelible scars in humankind’s history and caused unforgivable tragedies.

Hell’s Mouth recounts Abraham’s mission to the deep jungles of West Africa, “precisely between Côte d’Ivoire and Liberia, where the Cavalla River comprises a natural boundary between the two countries,” and where its outlet to the Atlantic Ocean resembles the hell’s mouth. He leads a humanitarian operation to rescue and support two hundred thousand victims of the First Liberian Civil War.

The book comprises touching recollections about humanitarian rescue operations in an area of the world where humanitarians face countless challenges, sometimes at the risk of their lives, and encounter the villains who inflict agony on the innocents. It demonstrates the cruelty of war and weapon business that surrounds every conflict in the world. At the same time, Azam recounts funny episodes that are often part of resolving life-threatening matters.

Hell’s Mouth is a must-read book for those who care for humanity and would like to learn about human sufferings and play a constructive role in endeavors that aim at fostering a healthy future for our children and the planet earth.

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